Wednesday, May 2, 2007

The Islamic Hamptons: A weekend in Lamu

This weekend, we jetted off a four day holiday in Lamu, or more accurately, Shella (a small beach town just 4km down shore). In these highly religious, quasi-medieval villages, donkeys and dhows are the only form of transport (as cars are not allowed), ancient buildings and streets are carved from local coral, and most women don the traditional Muslim head coverings, some baring only their eyes...needless to say, we fit right in!
We were even invited, on several occasions to stay longer in the land where camels roam the beach (and where Princess Grace of Monaco has built a beach side villa)--Brian was honored for his skills on the dhow's trapeze, and I for my steering in short short skirts!


Dakota said...

Yes well, about those short short skirts, I'm sure the fanatics were thrilled to see your pasty white skin... dare I say that picture is brazenly sexually suggestive, and not just because of your short skirt.

Life in DC coasts along. Spiderman 3 comes out this weekend, I'm pretty excited. What else? Let's see... Jim got rid of the carpet downstairs, alas, your paint stains are no more. I think he might also be planning on painting over your mural, I have nothing to do with that, I might add.

The jungle returns! The backyard is quickly becoming overgrown and the mullberries are coming soon, I can sense the mosquitos lurking just around the corner as well. The Red Sox are killing it, the Warriors might just unseed the top ranked Mavericks in the NBA playoffs (CRAZY! I know, Laura, you are just beside yourself with incredulity), and the jury is still out about Los Gigantes, however, it does look as though the Yankees are in serious trouble... good news.

So, yeah, your adventures look amazing, I look forward to future blog postings.


Tara said...

Laura and Brian!!!!!!! Damn!!!! What incredible images!!! You two are by far the luckiest two people these days in my book. How long are you both going to be residing in Kenya? As Timmy and i gawk over your adventures, we both agree that if we were in your shoes, we would never come home, EVER again-well maybe if Shun (sp?) was tempting us with her to-die-for cream spinach, that would be a real toss up, huh Laura???
So jealous of you both. Live it up while you can for all of us in not so exotic places as l'Afrique!!!! Bon voyage!!!!!
Much love

Laura R (other Laura) said...

So I spent a few seconds or two trying to figure out a good alias for my name since it would be confusing if I posted as Laura. Remember how much fun we used to have introducing ourselves, Hi I'm Laura and this is Laura. Our Halloween costume of Heathers seemed to make sense. Anyway, getting to the reason I am writing. Kate Moss launched a line for topshop (amazing) and if you need further proof that your white shades are cool, you need not look any further

god that's a long url, but you get the point

Katie said...

Laura, you are such a desert princess in that cobalt wrap! We may not have camels, but we do have whales. Last I heard, mother and baby are headed for the Pacific, though not before stopping at the crawdad festival. Hopefully the little one doesn't pick up any tats while he's there. I'll keep you updated!

Elizabeth said...

Laura! FABULOUS use of the silky blue/white dress! SO glad you bought that baby...

Katie said...

This is Kermit. I've hacked into Katie's account. Can you bring one of those camels home for me? They appear to be the same color as me. Perhaps we are related?